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Created on 2010-08-23 20:01:49 with 3774 views.

Q: I Want to Interview Adam

A: Are you looking for a marketing expert that will wow your audience with immediately usable information delivered in a fun and interactive way? Than Adam Urbanski will be a great guest presenter at your next boot camp, seminar, or tele-seminar.

Please read this information before contacting us:

1) Adam only accepts a very limited number of invitations each year. The further in advance you can inquire the better. (But occasionally last minute requests are a good fit too.)

2) Adam is the best choice for your event if your audience are entrepreneurs, business owners, service professionals, or people who are looking to start their own business. Adam is NOT a good match for corporate audiences (unless you are looking for a customized presentation on Achieving Results, Increasing Productivity, and Sales Mastery – please contact us for more information if that’s what you’re looking for.)

3) Here are the three most popular presentations Adam delivers most of the time (Please Note: Even though the core of each presentation stays the same, Adam always slightly modifies his talks to fit your particular audience.)

I) How to Attract Clients Like Crazy; 5 Secrets That Turn Any Business Into a Client Magnet.

II) How to Make a Bigger Impact, Get Rich, Be Famous, and Live Forever; 5 Secrets to Successfully Adding Information Marketing to Any Business.

III) How to Make an Extra $100,000 to $1,000,000 This Year With Your Own High Level Coaching Programs.

If all of this a fit, for more information, to check availability, and to see how easy it is to work with Adam to make your next program and even greater experience for your audience, please call us at 949-651-8286, or email at


Some of Our Business Growth and
Marketing Training Programs

How to Become a Marketing Genius - Private Inner Circle
of Business-Growth and Profit Oriented Professionals

Attract Clients Like Crazy Boot Camp for Service Professionals

Info Profit Fast Track: Complete Guide to Getting Started
with Making Money Online Selling Information Products

Social Media Marketing for Professionals: How to Turn
Facebook and Twitter Contacts into Big Money Contracts

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